Waupaca County Meeting Room Reservation Form For Courthouse Employees

Reserve 1068 (back of County Board Room), LL42 & LL43


Please read the following rules and regulations. When you click on I agree you are agreeing to follow these rules and regulations and will then be redirected to the request reservation form.


  1. If you have issues with the room such as heating, sound system, etc., contact Maintenance by email or page them during normal working hours.
  2. Any keys borrowed shall be returned immediately after the event.
  3. Groups are responsible for setting up the meeting room(s). All tables and chairs shall be returned to their proper place. Tables and counters must be cleaned and garbage removed.
  4. Failure to follow the rules will result in loss of future room use. Waupaca County reserves the right to revoke meeting room privileges at any time.
  5. No weekend reservations allowed.  May not be reserved past 9:00 pm on week nights.
  6. County Board Committee meetings take priority, the County reserves the right to ask groups to move or pick an alternate date.
  7. If you need the cordless microphone for LL42, you must check out at the County Clerk’s Office and supply your own battery(s) and return the microphone when meeting is finished. If you have a meeting after hours it is your responsibility to check out the microphone before 4:00 p.m. A wired microphone is always available in LL42.
  8. Groups are responsible for displaying and removal of all temporary signs and notices. Please do not tape, staple, pin on any wood doors, walls, paneling, etc. There are two sign stands available (first come, first serve) in the County Clerk’s closet - please make your own signs; 2 dry erase arrow signs are also available. Please do not use tape on the sign stands. Please ask for help if needed.
  9. If you use the lower level refrigerator for meetings please make sure you label your food with your name and date and promptly remove items so there is room for the next meeting/training needing to use the refrigerator. Any food that has no name or date will automatically be assumed to be old will be disposed of.
  10. If food or beverages are served, it is the responsibility of the person/group receiving the room to provide that refreshment. This includes coffee pots, coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, cups, napkins, silverware, and plates.
  11. Any type of smoking is strictly prohibited in the buildings and fifty feet of an entrance. The use, sale, distribution, or dispensing of any alcohol beverage is strictly prohibited.
  12. No animals will be allowed in the Courthouse, with the exception of “Service Animals”.
  13. The person/group is responsible for complete cleanup of areas of the meeting room(s) tables and chairs if moved put back in class room style, personal property is removed, with all garbage and recyclables placed in appropriate containers and left outside room, lights are off and doors locked.
  14. The person/group will be responsible for any damage to equipment or any contents of the meeting room and the room itself.